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Online Assignment 2/25 in Google Classroom

Online Assignment 2/25

Complete the attached Google Form.


Online Assignment 11/30 in Google Classroom

Online Assignment 11/30


Online Assignment 11/2 in Google Classroom

Online Assignment 11/2


Online Assignment 10/26 in Google Classroom

Online Assignment 10/26

Use the links in this Google Form to access 3 challenges. Please note that 7th and 8th graders have DIFFERENT LINKS for the first two challenges. Once a challenge is complete, click "View Report", then "Sign" your name, then copy the code and paste it into the Google Form. EMAIL MRS. CREGO IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS! :-)


Check-In 10/8 in Google Classroom

Check-In 10/8


Check-In 10/5 in Google Classroom

Check-In 10/5

After completing the 3-minute Key Signature ID Challenge, paste your code in the Google Form.
(click "View Report", then enter your name where it says "sign name" and click "copy code")


Online Assignment 9/22 in Google Classroom

Online Assignment 9/22


Check-In 9/28 in Google Classroom

Check-In 9/28


Introduce yourself in a video! in Google Classroom

Introduce yourself in a video!

Please read all instructions carefully before submitting.

Using the Camera app on your Chromebook, take a video introducing yourself.
In the video, please clearly state your name and THREE (3) things you want Mrs. Crego to know about you! Also answer the following question based on your grade:
IF YOU ARE A 7th GRADER: Have you played any band instruments before?
IF YOU ARE AN 8th GRADER: What instrument do you play?

If you need help taking or uploading this video, please reference the attached YouTube tutorial or contact Mrs. Crego.