3. Geography Fall 2020-Ms. Matthew 303-679-4624 Assignments

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Final Project  in Google Classroom

Final Project

We will discuss in class. Students will choose between Option 1 (SW Asia) and Option 2 (USA).


Assignment Chapter 8 OR 23  in Google Classroom

Assignment Chapter 8 OR 23

Thursday: part 2 of the assignment.
Directions: For this notetaker you should find 20 facts from your chapter that you think are important for all students to understand. You may use vocabulary words, antinodes and facts. You must list the page number where you found the information. I have provided an example for #1 -- you have 19 left to complete.

Tuesday: Due to timing we will be dividing the issues of Asia and the USA. With this in mind your assignment is to read EITHER Chapter 8: Today's Issues in the United Sates and Canada or Chapter 23: Today's Issues in Southwest Asia. You will have one class period to read the chapter and a second class period to complete a notetaker. We will discuss one issue from each section on Thursday before you complete your notetaker.


Chapter 14 in Google Classroom

Chapter 14

Working with a partner complete the attached notetaker -- we will discuss this on Monday Nov 16th in class.


Is the Earth Overpopulated?  in Google Classroom

Is the Earth Overpopulated?

The assignment today is to watch the BBC Documentary video: (60 minutes)
IF YOU ARE IN CLASS --- you will receive a hard copy to complete as you watch the video.

watch the video and answer the questions on the worksheet.
Is Earth Overpopulated?

Students should complete the worksheet as well --


Attendance  in Google Classroom


Complete the below form for attendance. We will be working on Chapter 13 this week and you should begin reading today.


Monday Oct 26  -- Remote day  in Google Classroom

Monday Oct 26 -- Remote day

We will continue to explore Europe this week. With that in mind answer the following question and turn it in for class today.....Europe is the third most densely populated area of the world and one of the highest tourist destinations. If money were no option where would you want to visit and why? Remember to focus on Europe -- google destinations if you are drawing a blank.

There is no do now today. If you have any questions please email me.



Chapter 12 -- worksheet  in Google Classroom

Chapter 12 -- worksheet

Read the Europe introduction and Chapter 12 "Peninsula of Peninsulas" and complete the attached worksheet.


Brazil A New Frontier  in Google Classroom

Brazil A New Frontier

For this assignment, you will be divided into groups for specific tasks, and then you will present your findings to the rest of the class. Your presentation should be between 3 - 5 minutes -- you are giving us the basics of the issue. The assignment requires you to post your presentation in a google slides format -- you may use Prezi etc.


October 6 Chapter 11:  Today's Issues  in Google Classroom

October 6 Chapter 11: Today's Issues

Select a section of reading in Chapter 11 and answer the questions associated with the section. You MUST complete the chart for the section you choose (critical thinking)

Section 1: Rainforest: pages 245 - 247
Section 2: Giving Citizens a Voice: pages: 249 - 251

The notes will help you fill in the chart for your section…...


Attendance Monday Oct 5  in Google Classroom

Attendance Monday Oct 5

Monday: ON your OWN
Complete the attendance - google form
Review the schedule for the week
Do Now #8
Study for Chapter 10 Quiz


🔵Sep 29 Chapter 10  in Google Classroom

🔵Sep 29 Chapter 10

Students will be reading Chapter 10 and drawing conclusions from the reading
Sep 29: We will do Mexico as a class
Sep 29: Class time for you to complete pages 3 & 4
3. Central America and the Caribbean
4. Spanish Speaking South America
Oct 1: We will finish with Brazil
If you missed class -- here is a video to explain today's assignment:



Oct 1:  Video info check  in Google Classroom

Oct 1: Video info check

Watch the video on Carnival


And answer the 4 questions.


🔵Sep 28 Attendance  in Google Classroom

🔵Sep 28 Attendance

Answer the question by 3:00 for attendance and complete the do now.
Any question please email me.



Sept 25:  Child Labor In Latin America  in Google Classroom

Sept 25: Child Labor In Latin America

We will read the article as a class during our Google Meet and students will answer the questions on their own.


Sept 22 & 23 Chapter 9 -- introduction to Latin America  in Google Classroom

Sept 22 & 23 Chapter 9 -- introduction to Latin America

Read Chapter 9 and answer the questions on the worksheet.


Sep 23 Attendance Check 23 Sep  in Google Classroom

Sep 23 Attendance Check 23 Sep

Complete this assignment before 10:15 am. in order to be counted as here for period 3.


Sept 22:  Critical thinking assignment  in Google Classroom

Sept 22: Critical thinking assignment

Answer 2 of the critical thinking questions and turn in by the end of class.

If you missed class today: the presentation can be found here:



Study Guide  in Google Classroom

Study Guide

You can work on the study guide at your pace.


Vocabulary Check Chapter and lecture 1  in Google Classroom

Vocabulary Check Chapter and lecture 1

This quiz will only be open during 3rd period. Students missing the quiz should get with Ms. Matthew for a make up time.


Policies and Procedures  in Google Classroom

Policies and Procedures

We will read the attached document together and you will complete the 5 questions to show your understanding of the policies and procedures for human geography.