5 HS Musical Theater Fall 2020 Assignments

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Optional: class survey in Google Classroom

Optional: class survey

This is an anonymous survey that could help Ms. Bellamy improve the class for future students.


Performance Resume in Google Classroom

Performance Resume

Create a draft of your resume.
Step 1: Gather the information you will need.
- Your contact info (school email)
- Your education info (CCHS, any outside training)
- Any performance experience *at least three REAL or FICTIONAL roles*
- Show title, role, and the company (or school) you performed it with
- Any special skills (acrobatics or certain style of dance, for example)

Step 2: Organize your info.
- Do you have enough variety to breakdown the experience into singing/dancing/acting categories?

Step 3: Input the info into your chosen layout.
- You may use a template, but make sure you adjust for the necessary categories
- Consider how easy it is to read


Resume Compare/Contrast in Google Classroom

Resume Compare/Contrast

Just like any job, auditions for theater typically ask for a resume of related experience. Take a look at the three musical theater resumes attached.

- What do they have in common?
- What differences are there?
- Do you think there are details or sections that don't matter? Which ones?
- What, if anything, do you find interesting?


11/9 Stage Directions WS in Google Classroom

11/9 Stage Directions WS

Label each of the positions on the stage.


11/5 Flipgrid: Basic Dance Jumps in Google Classroom

11/5 Flipgrid: Basic Dance Jumps

5 types of jumps:
two to two
two to one
one to same
one to diff
one to both


Demonstrate each of the 5 types of jumps. You do not need to jump very high.
* Make sure your entire body is visible in the camera! Especially your feet.
* Tell Ms. Bellamy what the moves are called


11/3 Flipgrid: Basic Choreo  in Google Classroom

11/3 Flipgrid: Basic Choreo

Choose any TWO of the choreo steps we learned in class (or two you know from somewhere else) to demonstrate your understanding of.
* Make sure your entire body is visible in the camera! Especially your feet.
* Tell Ms. Bellamy in the video what the moves are called.



11/2: Attendance Questions in Google Classroom

11/2: Attendance Questions

Our next unit is on dance! Your responses here will help me craft the class.

What is your experience with dance? Do you have a favorite style?


Vocal Anatomy Quiz in Google Classroom

Vocal Anatomy Quiz

Complete this during the alotted time. Ms. Bellamy will use GoGuardian to ensure you do not cheat.


Vocal Anatomy Review: Among Us in Google Classroom

Vocal Anatomy Review: Among Us

Complete each of the tasks on the slides.


Journal and Bell Ringers Q1 in Google Classroom

Journal and Bell Ringers Q1

Use this link to get the weekly prompts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q6YwJfAPqiLxP_9oeV7SFqFKe_aHUsL5Mt0yeyRICvg/edit?usp=sharing
Note: we will not have a new prompt every day.


Monologue Redo in Google Classroom

Monologue Redo

1. Review the feedback from Ms. Bellamy on your first performance.
2. Create another practice video in FG. Link to FG topic here: https://flipgrid.com/1c2f3b0d
3. Email Ms. B or add a comment here so Ms. B will watch the video.
4. Wait for the "green light" from Ms. B to do the Final video again.
5. Film the final video in FG. You will keep the better of the 2 grades.


Edpuzzle - How The Voice Works in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle - How The Voice Works


10/8: What voice range/type do you think you have? in Google Classroom

10/8: What voice range/type do you think you have?

Complete the voice range test in the What the Fach? presentation, then answer this question.
This will count as your attendance for 10/8.

Also, make sure you get the Scoreboard App for our fundraiser!


Voice Ranges in Google Classroom

Voice Ranges

After we go through the presentation, complete the matching assignment.


10/5 Check-In Form in Google Classroom

10/5 Check-In Form

Complete the Google Form. This will count as attendance for 10/5.


Week of 9/21: Musical Listening Log in Google Classroom

Week of 9/21: Musical Listening Log

As you continue to prepare your monologue, complete this listening log. Find the soundtrack to any musical. Listen to recordings of each song and find other information to fill out the listening journal. You will choose two specific songs to write about.

Attendance 9/21 & 9/22 - Comment which musical you will be listening to. Make sure you have found a link to the soundtrack and paste it in your assignment.
Attendance 9/23 - Complete at least 1 of the boxes in the background section. Listen to half of the soundtrack.
Attendance 9/24 - Complete at least more of the boxes in the background section. Listen to the remainder of the soundtrack.
Attendance 9/25 - All background boxes complete and be sure to post your monologue performance in Flipgrid!


Monologue Performance in Google Classroom

Monologue Performance

Final Monologue Performance. Don't forget your slate!
*Please do not use a filter that hides your face.


9/17 & 9/18: Flipgrid Monologue Practice in Google Classroom

9/17 & 9/18: Flipgrid Monologue Practice

Record the performance of your monologue. This is not graded and will not be visible to the rest of the class. You will receive feedback from Ms. Bellamy on what to work on for your final video.

Some things to consider:
*Try to position the camera so more than your head is visible.
*Perform as much memorized as possible.
*Review the tactics you want to use.



9/15 & 9/16 - Monologue 5Ws in Google Classroom

9/15 & 9/16 - Monologue 5Ws

Answer the 5 Ws for your monologue in a Google Doc.
You can view the attached Slides if you forgot what the 5Ws are.

This will count as your attendance for your online day.


9/11 & 9/14: Monologue Research in Google Classroom

9/11 & 9/14: Monologue Research

After you have chosen your monologue (the last online assignment), do some preliminary research on the show and the character.

- What is the title of the show?
- Who is it by?
- When was it first performed?
- Is it a play, musical, or something else?
- What character is speaking in the monologue?
- Who are they? What is their purpose in the show?
- Can you find a video of a performance of the monologue? If so, include a link.

Submit this as either a private comment or a Google Doc.


9/9 & 9/10: Monologue Selection in Google Classroom

9/9 & 9/10: Monologue Selection

This assignment will count as attendance for 9/9 or 9/10, depending on which day is your online day. Since this is for attendance, please complete it by 3:00 PM.

We are quickly approaching your first performance (within the next two weeks, date depending on how quickly we move through the next few lessons). Using the linked sites or your own resource, select a monologue. For submission, add a private comment with a link to your chosen monologue.


Syllabus Agreement in Google Classroom

Syllabus Agreement

Read through the syllabus with your parent/guardian, then complete the attached Google Form. If you have more than one class with Ms. Bellamy, the form only needs to be completed ONCE.


Flipgrid Introduction in Google Classroom

Flipgrid Introduction

Introduce yourself to your classmates using Flipgrid!
Respond to at least 1 classmate's video by the due date.

If you need help on how to use Flipgrid, check out the videos in the class Resources!