5 Design Theater Spring 2021

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Research Images and Gesture Sketches for “Sorry, Wrong Number”
 in Google Classroom

Research Images and Gesture Sketches for “Sorry, Wrong Number”

On paper or on a Google Doc, complete these questions with your table group. 

1. With your group, read through the first scene to find clues about the lighting
    a) Time of day
    b) Geographic location
    c) Season
    d) Evident lighting sources
    e) Action/dialogue that determines the mood or atmosphere
    f) Stylistic influences
    g) Historical references

2. Determine a metaphor for the show and discuss the design elements. 

3. Find 2 research images that address the following: 
    a)How are the design elements reflected in the images?
    b) How do the images reinforce the action of the play?
    c) What are the primary controllable properties of light that are applicable to the play’s first scene?
    d) How do you think those controllable properties can be used to create your intended mood/style?


Portfolio in Google Classroom


Attach your Google Slides portfolio here.

Running list of necessary slides:
1. Drink logo
2. Four outfits with varying colors
3. At least one of the costumes from your costume final project, with research images.