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Brian Inman Bio

I graduated from Clear Creek Secondary School in 1986.  While I was a student athlete at Clear Creek I participated in just about every sport offered here in this great community.  I swam, raced bikes, skied, played football, ran track and wrestled.  I was fortunate to play football at Northern Colorado University and also serve my country in the USMC.  I came back to Clear Creek because it is such a great place to live and raise a family.  I have been teaching and coaching here at Clear Creek since 2010.  I have coached football, ski team and track while teaching PE and Special Education at different times since arriving at this great school district.  I have been teaching HS for 23 years and while I have enjoyed all of the places I have worked, Clear Creek is home for me.  My goal is that the students I work with have a memorable learning experience at Clear Creek that will guide them in a positive and fulfilling journey through life.