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Hello Clear Creek!
I was born and raised in Manhattan, Illinois surrounded by corn and bean fields. I have always loved the mountains and moved to Colorado after college. I started off as a paraprofessional for students with severe needs which was the best way possible to start my career in education, the smiles and hugs were the best. A position in Physical Education and Health opened so I moved to Summit High School and taught there for 11 years. After earning my Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies I took a position at West Grand as the Athletic Director/Assistant Principal. Eventually I decided I needed a move from the Mountains to the Foothills which is where I found Clear Creek. I love this area, the few extra days of Spring and Summer and the convenience to the Ski Slopes and Downtown Denver offerings. I am currently the Assistant Principal at Clear Creek Middle and High School and have been charged with focusing on the school culture and climate. I am proud to be a Duster & a Digger!

Goals and Outcomes

At Clear Creek High School, we will build a community environment, called Clear Creek Connect,  where every student is seen, heard and loved.  

Every student has at least one trusted adult. Relationships are foundational in CCC. Connect Coaches support students as they discover their strengths, values, and passions, as well as guide them on a learning journey that leverages their strengths, values and passions.


  1. Building the Skills of the Gold Digger Learner Profile Attributes
  • Connection Coaches will introduce/re introduce students to the Clear Creek Learner profile. Coaches will tie daily and weekly lessons to the learner profile.
  • Students will develop understanding of the Learner Profile Attributes and develop these attributes through experiences.   
  • Students will receive comprehensive support to successfully complete their Capstones.

  1. Developing Connection & Belonging
  • Connection Coaches will create inclusive and collaborative environments.
  • Students will feel they belong as learners and are valued as unique individuals in their Clear Creek Connect group and within the larger school community.

  1. Building School Climate & Culture  
  • Connection Coaches engage students in designing how we operate together to build an evolving Digger/Duster Culture.
  • Connection Coaches will participate in a staff Connect group in order to create a unified Digger/Duster Culture for our entire community.
    • Note:  We will need to be explicit about what engagement in design means → creation of protocol, guidelines for engagement to provide all students with opportunity.
  • Students will understand the difference between culture and climate, and how they work together to represent and impact the school community. 
  • Students will actively participate in CCC lessons, assemblies and group challenges when appropriate.


  1. Empowering Students to Navigate Life -2ndary Level of Goals
  • Connection Coaches will guide students to identify and access resources as they navigate the challenges throughout their learning journey, whether it be family, friendships, educational, emotional, physical, etc.
  • Students will develop personal agency, self advocacy, responsible decision making and coping strategy skills.

  • Providing Academic Coaching- 2ndary Level of Goals
  • Connection Coaches will help students identify and develop their interests, passions and pathways to their future.
  • Connection Coaches will partner with students to complete activities such as grade checks, academic planning, grade recovery and meeting graduation requirements. 
  • Students will assess their academic strengths, weaknesses and needs through self assessments and guided reflections.

  1. Engaging & Contacting Families Parents/Guardian- 2ndary Level of Goals
  • Connection Coaches are committed to engaging with Students in ways of updating their family on Students’ academic and social opportunities at the school. 
    • Students learn to share information with adults (parents/guardians) 
    • Helping students to engage w/ parents (ex: one thing that’s going well, one challenge experienced by the students)
    • Accomplished with little “cost” to staff-side
    • Commitment to support and provide access for engagement and opportunities 
    • Support the students in fostering/increasing positive, more effective communication
  • Connection Coaches serve as an additional point of contact between families and the school.
    • Teachers will copy Clear Creek Coaches when contacting parents.
  • Students will gain responsibility and accountability through communication and through positive communication including social media presence.

The CCSD Learner Profile was co-created by CCSD and our community members. Our community and educators see value in ALL of our CCSD graduates having these attributes before moving forward in the world.

In the 2021-2022 school year, 84% of students reported developing at least one Learner Profile attribute with the most reported attribute being Adaptability.


Having a co-created Learner Profile supports CCSD's work of sending our students into our community with community valued traits and plants the seeds for our students future success, either in a traditional college setting or by starting their careers right here in Clear Creek County in one of our many trades or industries.

In 2019 the largest industries in Clear Creek County were Construction, Retail Trade and Accommodation and Food Services, employing about 36% of the total working population in the county.

Four years ago I attended a conference that changed my perspective of teaching and learning. Since 2018, I have attended every  Jostens Renaissance conference to date. To say it motivates, rejuvenates and enhances my love for education is an understatement. 
New this year, we are implementing the "Clear Creek Gold" program which is modeled after the Jostens Renaissance Program. Below is a picture of the Jostens Renaissance program formula.
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