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Work Study Program

Work Study: 75 hours = .5 credit, 2 credits maximum can be earned per year
The Work Study Program provides Junior and Senior students an opportunity to meet their academic requirements for graduation while gaining valuable work or internship experience. Through this experience, students will build the knowledge, skills and self-­confidence to be successful in higher education, in the workplace and in life. Students participating in this program will attend their academic classes daily and be granted a late arrival/early dismissal to participate in employment or internship during school hours.
Students can earn up to two credits per academic year through Work Study. This program is not offered during the summer. Only hours completed during the academic year will count for credit.
Work study is assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. Failure to comply with the regulations and expectations of the Work Study program will result in a grade of ‘F’.
Prerequisite: Work Study Contract

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